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Irány a Szilícium-völgy

Közép-Európa egyik legdinamikusabb technológiai cége lett az egyebek mellett tartalomfigyelő rendszert fejlesztő Dolphio Consulting. Kedvenc döntőseként mutatta be Robotka Zsoltot a Singularity University április végi startupversenyének házigazdája. Ennek egyik oka a Dolphio Consulting Kft. ügyvezetőjének neve, amelyet Patrick McCullough fia nagyon menőnek talált. Pedig a cégvezető nem mindig örült ennek az adottságának, voltak idők, amikor egyenesen cikinek tartotta családnevét.

Read the full article in the 2014/25 issue of Figyelő or click here for the Online Edition

Global Impact Competition 2014

Due to our strategic goal setting and thus the extraordinary efforts of our motivated research team, today we are proud to announce that in the international research world we are the closest to solving one of the major problems of the mankind. Project SignAll will soon provide for the full solution to interpreting the sign language thus facilitate the everyday life of the hearing impaired people.

The Competition is an outstanding platform to identify the best entrepreneurs, leaders, scientists and engineers who propose the most innovative projects to positively impact the lives of a million people in the next 3 years.

SignAll has drawn international attention, as shown by the results we reached at NASA and Google’s Singularity University’s Global Impact competition, where 130 projects competed and only 8 reached to the Final Round. Singularity University was founded by NASA and Google, where more than 130 projects from 13 countries applied for the Competition this year.

Ten percent of the Globe’s population suffers from a hearing disability. There is a constant shortage of sign language interpreters. Our machine interpreter will be an easily accessible substitute for the human as it translates signing into fully comprehensible text not only from the most wide spread American Sign Language (ASL), but it will alsp be able to accomodate and use other sign and spoken languages as well.

CeBIT 2014

Our company exhibited for the fifth time at one of the most significant ICT trade shows of the world. This time we introduced our complex sign language recognition system and our custom-developed new generation guest counting technology.

Its Great Hall called Super Jumbo where some nine jets would fit in, but 5-6 global companies make it full. There we exhibited along with other major Hungarian tech companies such as Kürt Ltd. Most visitors were interested in our computer vision research and product. Video content analysis attracted outstanding attention.

Our signlanguage interpreter project SignAll, and our passenger, guest, vehicle and visitor counting solution, CounterGuard also gained outstanding attention.