Worktime administrating software
Automatic records and report per second in real time
You can connect from anywhere
Only internet connection is required to connect to the system
Accurate recording of home office and remote work
Effective human resource and project management in the company

Your professional enterprise software!

RTT Records is a professional worktime administrating software that allows you to track in real time how much time your employees spend on the dedicated tasks and what they are currently working on. By using the software the human resource and project management becomes easier and more efficient.

Why use RTT Records in your company?

With RTT Records, your business can operate more efficient and the working time records become transparent. Accurate data will help you plan future expenses on projects, accurate billing to your clients, and analyze time management. The software is easy to use and does not require long periods of deployment as you only need to register your employees in the cloud.

Why is RTT Records safe?

You can forget sending confidential company details to unknown external servers and shutdowns due to connection problems! The software has a secure cloud-based service. No corporate data can be accessed by third parties. In addition, there is no risk that the data will be lost by the external service provider or temporary not available. The Change Request feature also allows you to document hours worked in an event of a system error (Internet connection problems, server shutdowns).

Why the RTT Records is ideal for your employees?

Unlike other monitoring tools that track every step of the user, which is usually not project-based, RTT Records is based on an automated self-reporting, meaning that employees can specify by their own the activity what they are working on. In addition, the system offers fair time management thanks to the accurate tracking of breaks and overtime.

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In the face of the crisis, Dolphio Technologies is making its own online worktime administrating tool avaiable for other players on the market to help the companies fight the difficulties in connection with worktime administration!
2 euro/user

Accurate Cost and Time Management


Real-time information about the employee's tasks in progress by one click.


It is easy to calculate the expenses of your projects and to get accurate information for the amounts to be billed.


Real-time worktime registration which makes the reporting and pay-offs easier.


You can create projects and subprojects, define the members of the project and assign them different authorization levels.


The software allows you to grant different permissions on different levels of projects and employees.


Create simple or complex statements of the spent efforts on projects, members and periods by one click.


Our professional experience ensures that your business and employees will be satisfied.

Software development
15 years
R & D
15 years
Project managemant
15 years
Online services
12 years

We believe in efficiency and we trust our staff! Our self-reported RTT worktime register provides a fair, transparent and accurate solution for employers and employees as well!

János Rovnyai

Owner, CEO

Professional Cooperate Solution

One-time Installation Fee:
20€ +VAT
Monthly fee:
2€ +VAT per user
but atleast 20€ + VAT

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Is RTT Records suitable for home office worktime administration?

Yes, because the application is available anytime, anywhere.

How long does it take to set up the RTT?

Currently, due to increased demand, we are able to deliver a ready-to-use software within few days. Then you can upload your registered members, projects, subprojects, assignments in a couple of hours.

Can I check in real time what the employee is doing?

Yes, you can export previous or current records at any time.

How many employees can use the app at once?

There is no limit regarding the number of employees you can register in your system.


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