We believe our employees to be the key to success

Our aim is to match up to the needs of our employees, understand their goals and harmonize the motivations of our employees and our own. Our development-focused internal training system and knowledge-management tools,  help the growth of our co-workers. Our joint sports activities,  play-room, and teambuilding programmes helps us to solidify our bonds.

We await applications from all generations, as there is a place in our diverse team for everyone who would like to utilise their knowledge in order to contribute to their own as well as the company’s success and aims to get better and better in their jobs with each passing day.


In case as a middle-aged or older employee you have difficulties with job-hunting in spite of decades of experience, we gladly await your application, here your knowledge will gain appreciation!

Research carried out in the recent years created positions which require professional knowledge: at lest 2-3 years of vocational and leading experience. For these positions we primarily await the applications of those who, besides their professional duties would spare time for the training of or teams, as well as the assistance and development of our junior colleagues.

Knowledge is valuable here!


If as a young entrant, you find that in spite of your academic achievements you have difficulties obtaining jobs because of your lack of practical training, we can ensure a working environment where you can prove your aptitude and set off your career.

Start your career-building with us!

For our junior positions we await the applications of eager university andcollege students, as well as career entrant, for either part- or full-time. We primarily await the application of those, who already possess some experience (possibly gained in the framework of a university project) in the fields of research, programming or project-management.


According to the policy of our management, it is vital for Hungary to develop such R&D workshops where there is competitive work going on even on an international scale, and they provide for talented young people a real alternative as opposed to building a career abroad.


A significant percentage of our colleagues joined us as trainees or entrants, which is why we are aware of the challenges university students and fresh graduates face in their first workplaces, yet at the same time we also acknowledge the expectations we need to meet as a first workplace.

Find Yourself!

Selection Process

We aim to asses the knowledge of the advertised positions’ applicants as best as possible before the personal interview.

For the preliminary assessment, depending on the position, we mostly use online channels (online tests, video interviews), and in many cases we also test the knowledge of our applicant through a trial-exercise.

We provide all of our applicants with feedback, at most within two weeks, but generally sooner. About the stages of the selection process we provide continuous information through E-mail or telephone.

In case you did not find a fitting offer amongst our current employment opportunities, apply to be in our database, so that we may reach out to you in the future if a position suitable for your qualifications opens up.


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