Entrant and junior positions

The applications of enthusiastic undergraduates, college students and entrants are expected for our part-time or full-time junior positions. We mainly expect those who have some kind of experience (obtained in the frame of university projects) in the field of research, programming or project management.


To experienced job-seekers

The research works of the past years have created some positions the fulfillment of which requires serious professional knowledge: minimum two-three years of professional background and managerial experience. For these positions we mainly expect applicants who besides their own tasks can devote time to the training of their team, to the support and development of junior colleagues.


Our Trainee Program

In our opinion it is especially important that the students get experience about the world of the work already during their university years, therefore we have launched the Dolphio Trainee Program. The program is announced three times per year in the framework of which – either as part of the compulsory internship demanded by the universities – young talents get the opportunity to take part in the work of our company, collect experience and develop professionally. During the program our trainees work on their own project individually or in teams. They are assisted by an experienced mentor, but the freedom of implementation and of independent thinking is left for them. At the end of the program we offer a position for the best performing trainee.