• Social Network Analysis

    Social Network Analysis

    Our software and service developed for the analysis of social networks offers support to companies with a broad user database...

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  • RoboCam


    With our RoboCam project we have intended to develop a device that adds intelligent functions to the capabilities of traditional...

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  • ETOS


    Before the development of ETOS software there were no solutions that supported the brokers of the electric energy market in...

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  • 3D Face Scanner

    3D Face Scanner

    The complex camera and software system developed for the support of 3D animation work makes available the 3D digital reconstruction...

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  • Visitor Tracking

    Visitor Tracking

    The person tracking system is monitoring the visitor traffic of shopping centers, institutions and building complexes by processing the images...

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  • Voice Call Analysis

    Voice Call Analysis

    With the help of our complex sound recording analysis software developed for the support of companies operating telecenters and dealing...

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  • Tender Monitor

    Tender Monitor

    We have been monitoring the public procurement announcements since 2009 and besides Hungary our service is also available in Germany,...

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  • Auctions Monitor

    Auctions Monitor

    Using our Auction Monitoring Service, users can give the keywords according to their fields of interest in their on-line account...

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  • CounterGuard


    The CounterGuard passenger, guest, vehicle and visitor counting system is monitoring the incoming and outgoing visitor traffic of supermarkets and...

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  • Stop Motion Capture

    Stop Motion Capture

    The custom-developed Stop Motion Capture system is based on the idea that an animation film producer is the combination of...

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  • CertMedia


    With our solution developed for the certification of photo, video and sound recordings it is possible to efficiently prepare certified...

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  • RTT Records

    RTT Records

    The RTT Records is a real-time software for manpower registration and human resource management. By using this software you can...

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  • S.O.S Traffipax

    S.O.S Traffipax

    Our mobile application S.O.S Traffipax is accessible on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone platforms. The application is based on GPS...

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  • SignAll


    All over the world more than one hundred million deaf people are using the sign language, however the real-time communication...

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  • Sport Performance and Tactical Analysis

    Sport Performance and Tactical Analysis

    Our statistics making and tactics analysing software for team sports prepares statistics about the passes and the running (distance and...

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  • Dolphia


    The Dolphia online media monitoring was the first internally development product of Dolphio Technologies. Its launch marks the beginning of...

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  • BranDetect


    BranDetect is a custom-developed software for the recognition of product placements, images, logos and brand appearances. It can be used...

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  • Traffic Enforcement and Analysis

    Traffic Enforcement and Analysis

    Our traffic monitoring software provides real-time statistics on the traffic of public roads based on image processing. In addition to...

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  • 3D Facade Mapping

    3D Facade Mapping

    Our system is designed for the graphical reconstruction of buildings and supports the digital survey of building facades with millimeter...

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  • EasyCap Studio Facemotion

    EasyCap Studio Facemotion

    EasyCap Studio Facemotion is a hardware and software package developed for the recording of face movements and expressions that significantly...

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  • 3D Virtual Reality Engine

    3D Virtual Reality Engine

    The custom-developed 3DVR engine of our company is a toolkit for the creation of simulators, entertaining and educational virtual realities...

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  • Mobile Image Processing

    Mobile Image Processing

    In our mobile image processing project we create special function libraries for gesture recognition, augmented reality (AR) and optical character...

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  • Audience Measurement

    Audience Measurement

    We have developed an audience measurement system that monitors the viewing and the audience, while watching promotions and advertisements placed...

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  • Road Condition Mapping

    Road Condition Mapping

    Our custom-developed road mapping system makes the cost efficient and fast mapping of the condition of road surface possible, even at...

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  • Bathymetry Mapping

    Bathymetry Mapping

    Our radar and mapping system is an excellent tool for the mapping of lakes and rivers and for making bottom...

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