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Social Network Analysis

Our software and service developed for the analysis of social networks offers support to companies with a broad user database and contact data to the planning of targeted and more efficient marketing and communication campaigns. The software serves for the searching of coherent groups (groups of friends, families, workplace communities) and within this of opinion leaders. Our solution is capable of finding the micro communities through the combined processing of different data sources compiled about up to several million users, to appoint the opinion leaders and to plot the determinant social network. In the framework of our service more efficient marketing and communication campaigns can be designed with the targeting of MC opinion leaders thanks to our own data mining analysis methodology and algorithm implementation.

Auctions Monitor

Using our Auction Monitoring Service, users can give the keywords according to their fields of interest in their on-line account and can monitor all the relevant auctions simultaneously and tailored to their needs: based on their settings we send e-mail notes every day about the results interesting to them. Thus, they can easily and comfortably obtain information about properties available under the market price, vehicles, premises to let, antiquities or musical instruments.



With our solution developed for the certification of photo, video and sound recordings it is possible to efficiently prepare certified content and to check their place of origin. The CertMedia application supports the production of photo, video and sound recordings, their uploading and downloading, the reliable authentication of content through online and offline operational options of mobile applications. On the CertMedia website you can manage and store the certified content and can verify the authenticity of contents received from third parties.


All over the world more than one hundred million deaf people
are using the sign language, however the real-time
communication between the deaf and hearing people has
remained unsolved until today. In the framework of its long
term development project, Dolphio Technologies is working on
a complex sign language recognition system the realization
of which has been declared impossible by a number of professional
and research workshops. The R+D team of Dolphio Technologies
has been from the beginning convinced that the task is
in-deed manageable. As a result of our hard work, the project
has received international recognition. For example, among
130 projects it qualified for the finals of the Global Impact 2014
competition of the Singularity University CEE founded by NASA
and Google. The SignAll sign language recognition system is
able to make real-time translations from the Hungarian sign
language (HSL) and from one of the most widely used sign language
of the world, the ASL (American Sign Language). The computer
linguistic algorithms-based system is not only able to recognize
the words, but can arrange them into grammatically meaningful
sentences which offers an unprecedented help to people with
hearing disabilities and contributes to the communication
between the deaf-mutes and people who can hear.