Portfolio Tag: for Governmental Organizations

Social Network Analysis

Our software and service developed for the analysis of social networks offers support to companies with a broad user database and contact data to the planning of targeted and more efficient marketing and communication campaigns. The software serves for the searching of coherent groups (groups of friends, families, workplace communities) and within this of opinion leaders. Our solution is capable of finding the micro communities through the combined processing of different data sources compiled about up to several million users, to appoint the opinion leaders and to plot the determinant social network. In the framework of our service more efficient marketing and communication campaigns can be designed with the targeting of MC opinion leaders thanks to our own data mining analysis methodology and algorithm implementation.


With our RoboCam project we have intended to develop a device that adds intelligent functions to the capabilities of traditional security cameras using the toolkit of computer vision. Such intelligent functions are, for example, the counting and tracking of persons and vehicles, or the offering of special notification functions. The special feature of RoboCam is that compared to the traditional video analytical solutions it is able to simultaneously handle permanently set and controlled, IP based and analogous cameras.


With our solution developed for the certification of photo, video and sound recordings it is possible to efficiently prepare certified content and to check their place of origin. The CertMedia application supports the production of photo, video and sound recordings, their uploading and downloading, the reliable authentication of content through online and offline operational options of mobile applications. On the CertMedia website you can manage and store the certified content and can verify the authenticity of contents received from third parties.

RTT Records

The RTT Records is a real-time software for manpower registration and human resource management. By using this software you can follow from anywhere and at any time what your colleagues are doing and for how long, as well as tracking their real-time activities. The system not only helps you to prepare the different internal reports, but also revolutionizes the planning processes with special regard to the exact time and cost accounting. The use of the software makes human resources and project management much simpler and more efficient. The RTT Records can be easily installed and does not require long weeks of introduction, the data are saved on the own server of the company thus the handling and storage of the company data are made in a closed and secure system.