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Social Network Analysis

Our software and service developed for the analysis of social networks offers support to companies with a broad user database and contact data to the planning of targeted and more efficient marketing and communication campaigns. The software serves for the searching of coherent groups (groups of friends, families, workplace communities) and within this of opinion leaders. Our solution is capable of finding the micro communities through the combined processing of different data sources compiled about up to several million users, to appoint the opinion leaders and to plot the determinant social network. In the framework of our service more efficient marketing and communication campaigns can be designed with the targeting of MC opinion leaders thanks to our own data mining analysis methodology and algorithm implementation.


With our RoboCam project we have intended to develop a device that adds intelligent functions to the capabilities of traditional security cameras using the toolkit of computer vision. Such intelligent functions are, for example, the counting and tracking of persons and vehicles, or the offering of special notification functions. The special feature of RoboCam is that compared to the traditional video analytical solutions it is able to simultaneously handle permanently set and controlled, IP based and analogous cameras.


Before the development of ETOS software there were no solutions that supported the brokers of the electric energy market in the optimization of their energy product purchases. Our Energy market Optimization Software was developed to assist the brokers in making continuous and up-to-date product portfolio optimizations based on the latest prognosis so that as a result they could determine the cheapest correction portfolio adjusted to the changed circumstances. Our software results in significant savings to brokers who are able to achieve lower specific energy prices with the continuously optimized portfolio selection. The software was tested with the involvement of the main players of the domestic electric energy market. In this way EPOS has become an efficient application adjusted to the market’s conditions and demands.

3D Face Scanner

The complex camera and software system developed for the support of 3D animation work makes available the 3D digital reconstruction of the face in minutes. In the course of face scanning our cameras are able to make high-resolution images in a synchronized manner with an accuracy better than 1 millimeter, then our software reconstructs the three-dimensional image of the face. The system is capable of image sequencing, which makes the animation work easier and allows for the precise capturing of different facial expressions.