Portfolio Category: Media Streaming & Transcoding & Recording


With our RoboCam project we have intended to develop a device that adds intelligent functions to the capabilities of traditional security cameras using the toolkit of computer vision. Such intelligent functions are, for example, the counting and tracking of persons and vehicles, or the offering of special notification functions. The special feature of RoboCam is that compared to the traditional video analytical solutions it is able to simultaneously handle permanently set and controlled, IP based and analogous cameras.

Sport Performance and Tactical Analysis

Our statistics making and tactics analysing software for team sports prepares statistics about the passes and the running (distance and speed, endurance) with the tracking of the players and the ball. It recognizes the tactical elements and situations and makes available real-time match analysis about the ball games. With using the system it is possible to evaluate the performance of the players at a given match/ training and at the same time to track their development in the long run.

Traffic Enforcement and Analysis

Our traffic monitoring software provides real-time statistics on the traffic of public roads based on image processing. In addition to the tracking, recording and analysing of traffic data, the system is able to categorize the vehicles according to their types, to recognize plate numbers, to measure speed and to detect offenses. Furthermore, special alarm and notification functions can be set in the system in order to ensure safe traffic control. We offer our solution as an addition to video management sub-systems of stationary systems, but a mobile version is also available that can provide individual measurements.

EasyCap Studio Facemotion

EasyCap Studio Facemotion is a hardware and software package developed for the recording of face movements and expressions that significantly speeds up the animation work of films, computer games and commercials. The processing is uniquely designed for stable tracking, as well as efficient and quick identification of the markers fixed on the faces of actors to precisely define and reconstruct the different facial movements. The unique benefit of the development is that EasyCap Studio Facemotion is able to produce precise and fast results without the time-consuming manual work of traditional movement recording, which greatly improves upon the most popular animation programs.