Portfolio Category: High Performance Computing

3D Facade Mapping

Our system is designed for the graphical reconstruction of buildings and supports the digital survey of building facades with millimeter precision, the production of three-dimensional models and the display of the textural features of the facade. The system has a special device made up of cameras and different sensors in addition to reconstruction software responsible for the processing of the measured data that is able to export the survey results in the most popular formats used by architecture and design programs.

Road Condition Mapping

Our custom-developed road mapping system makes the cost efficient and fast mapping of the condition of road surface possible, even at a speed of 70 km/h. During the survey, we use the most up-to-date technologies for producing images with millimeter precision. Images can be taken that show larger protrusions and also highlight the tiny unevennesses of the road surface. Also, with the help of our reconstruction software, even panorama pictures with map places can be created.

Bathymetry Mapping

Our radar and mapping system is an excellent tool for the mapping of lakes and rivers and for making bottom surveys comfortably. This complex system consists of a small boat and a number of sensors that can be used for the mapping of shallow and deeper sites and for the exploration and visualization of soil structural and topographical characteristics with a precision of up to half a meter. The system allows for the visualization and manual editing of the results and the data can be exported in the form of a digital contour map or of a polygon-based 3D model.