Portfolio Category: 3D Scanning & Visualisation

3D Face Scanner

The complex camera and software system developed for the support of 3D animation work makes available the 3D digital reconstruction of the face in minutes. In the course of face scanning our cameras are able to make high-resolution images in a synchronized manner with an accuracy better than 1 millimeter, then our software reconstructs the three-dimensional image of the face. The system is capable of image sequencing, which makes the animation work easier and allows for the precise capturing of different facial expressions.

Stop Motion Capture

The custom-developed Stop Motion Capture system is based on the idea that an animation film producer is the combination of two animation technologies. With a unique integration of the Stop Motion and Motion Capture technologies we have designed a software that is able to create special artistic effects in the animation film making business. In our system the animators can work with specifically designed, flexible skeletons instead of the puppets used in the traditional stop motion processes. With this method, the recording of motion can be sped up and the process is more flexible. Since there is no need for the preliminary elaboration of the actors, and it is possible to use the recorded motions within modern 3D animation software.

3D Facade Mapping

Our system is designed for the graphical reconstruction of buildings and supports the digital survey of building facades with millimeter precision, the production of three-dimensional models and the display of the textural features of the facade. The system has a special device made up of cameras and different sensors in addition to reconstruction software responsible for the processing of the measured data that is able to export the survey results in the most popular formats used by architecture and design programs.

EasyCap Studio Facemotion

EasyCap Studio Facemotion is a hardware and software package developed for the recording of face movements and expressions that significantly speeds up the animation work of films, computer games and commercials. The processing is uniquely designed for stable tracking, as well as efficient and quick identification of the markers fixed on the faces of actors to precisely define and reconstruct the different facial movements. The unique benefit of the development is that EasyCap Studio Facemotion is able to produce precise and fast results without the time-consuming manual work of traditional movement recording, which greatly improves upon the most popular animation programs.