3D Virtual Reality Engine

The custom-developed 3DVR engine of our company
is a toolkit for the creation of simulators, entertaining
and educational virtual realities for the supporting of
faster and more efficient development of games with
the experience of 3D virtual reality. With the help of
our 3D virtual reality engine the visualization rooms
and 3D labs of the games can be built from any
number and optionally placed monitors, thus the virtual
reality can be displayed on several monitors at the
same time. Every display can be customized individually,
offering a unique perspective of the virtual world and
the screens may also have curved or spherical surfaces.
The key element of our system is that it makes
synchronized 3D image making possible, thus the experience
of the virtual world can be enjoyed on all the screens
simultaneously using only one pair of 3D glasses. Our
engine supports the video card independently for
three dimensional image making and also for the
integration of the most popular game controllers and devices.